Map for People
Eat, drink, buy souvenirs and clothes in Saint Petersburg and, by doing this, support locals!
How does it work?
Map for People is a map for responsible consumers that provides information about places where tourists can eat, drink, buy souvenirs and clothes and, by doing this, support local projects that follow social, environmental and ethical responsibility principles. It is a research and educational project based on peer-to-peer model.
Activists and experts have developed the criteria of social, environmental and ethical responsibility of local businesses.
Conducted interviews with entrepreneurs in order to evaluate their compliance with these principles, but also the companies' aspirations and issues in the domain.
By the end of first round of selection before the beginning of the World Cup, a map with charity shops and about 20 other local businesses will be presented for fans, visitors and locals.
This work will be continued beyond the World Cup in order to develop best practices exchange, developing new solutions, rethinking and popularizing the notion of responsible consumption.
Now it's a basic Google-map with two layers: bars, coffeshops and restaurants; and charity shops and inclusive workshops with souvenirs, but we are developing it.

Click on the points on the map to see, what kind of responsible consumption do we mean.
The first stage of our project was accomplished with support of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation in Russia.
Please ask us anything or send some feedback:
We are very much into a deeper conversation, what «responsible consumption» could mean.

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